Young women are more likely to have irregular cycles: whether the reason is unknown or is linked to a contraception method, This sets the precedent in science that periods are 'unpredictable' and 'too complicated to study'. 

The TOM App will provide a personalised, individualised cycle tracking app where spotting signs of ill-health is made accessible.

We see the gap left by conventional period-tracking apps in providing answers for women with irregular bleeding. TOM acknowledges that periods are a within-person process that should be treated as such in clinical assessment, experimental design and statistical modelling. 

TOM's HEALTH will provide researchers with a standardised, longitudinal database as a direct answer to the reproducibility crisis in Women's Health. In this way, we can close the gender data gap, empower women by providing answers to their questions and create an inclusive clinical landscape. 

We believe that biomedical research will gain from being able to control for the menstrual cycle in a range of clinical studies, and that women deserve to understand why they experience different physical and mental symptoms. 


Hormone-related mental health

Women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and take antidepressants than men: this trend starts in the teen years. 

Help scientists understand the effect of hormones fluctuations in affective disorders for better diagnoses, treatment and prevention.